Monday, September 10, 2012


So, I ranted about relaxation the other day. Last Thursday I came to work, with little sleep. I could not sleep from about 12am until 3am. I was up watching Big Brother After Dark. I even got in a hot bath in hopes it would help make me sleepy, and it didn't. I had a feeling Thursday was not going to be a good day from the start. I am really trying to have more positive thinking and a more positive outlook on life because down deep it is GREAT! The issues I am struggling with right now ARE fixable it is going to take a little time, something I am trying to deal with as well. Patience.

Anyways, my poor little man ended up falling at school Thursday the 6th and busted the area above his lip and below his nose. Enough to the point that he needed to get 4 stitches. It pained me to watch him have to go through what he did but id was completely necessary. I am thankful it wasn't worse than what it could have been and I am thankful that he didn't have to get put to sleep for his stitches.

It's looking rather well as of Today, Monday 9/10/12. It has a big scab on it but not really attached to his skin, basically hanging on to a piece of his stitch I believe, I am praying it falls off rather soon so I can get in to the cut and put peroxide and neosporin on it like I am supposed to. Over the weekend he stated "boo boo off"'. Awe, my baby. He was a big boy and a good boy for what he had to go through.

Here's to hoping for a more positive and better week ahead!!

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  1. Poor Brayden! You seem so calm about it - I would be a mess. I don't handle medical things like that very well, haha. Poor little guy, I'm glad the experience is over for him and hope it clears totally up soon!