Friday, September 14, 2012


Pallet!!! YAY!!! I few weeks back I found this Pallet on Pinterest and I fell in love. Ever since I had been on the hunt for the perfect pallet for my wall. Last Sunday I searched at Ricks work, all over the place and I just wasn't happy with the ones I had seen and believe I looked at tons!

Oddly enough, one day this week I picked up my mom to head to work and my dad opened the garage door. Tada!!! My dad had built me what I wanted or was looking for! My mom seen my post and showed him and he made it! It looks great!! I can't wait to hang it up this weekend, I just need to find the right place, I just haven't decided on that yet.

Then I'll need to find the right decorations to put in it but I already have all that in mind for sure.

If anyone would like one made for them, just let me know. He's making more to sell.

I <3 it!!!

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