Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Down and out

Hello World!! I hate when my house gets ill. This Flu bug was going around daycare and it hit the Rye house HARD!! First was Brayden, then was Mommy and as I type now Daddy. I honestly felt like death. Not that I really know what that feels like but if I had to imagine a form of?!? LOL I am glad to report Brayden and myself seem to be doing so much better. Just thinking of Rick being ill makes my tummy hurt. Still a small appetite which I don't mind at all. Hopefully this can jump start some weight loss for me!! Last week I lacked all motivation, I believe because I hadn't felt well for days leading up to my big day where it knocked me out. I felt like a truck hit me!!! Saturday I couldn't move!! I managed to soak in a HOT bath and that seemed to help my bones and muscles. Other than that - I was down and out!
Which is horrible for my house because I managed to clean nothing!! I hate that, nonetheless our master bath is being renovated. which makes me feel like my house is a wreck even more!! The bathroom didn't need it but a dear friend of ours gave us some awesome tile and so my dad is laying new floor for us and he painted it as well. I LOVE the new color. Our bedroom is next and I am so excited for the finished product. Progress photos to come at a later date.We recently had Brayden's 2 Year Portraits done and I am in love with them. I look at the photos in such awe, can't believe it's my child! He's is SO photogenic its crazy! You can only imagine what Daddy and I were doing to get some of those faces! I have so much to do before Friday and so little time. I need to hire a maid to clean my house, and help finish my laundry, I am desperate!! Considering I have to work until 7pm tonight and possibly Thursday! I need a haircut and my brows waxed too! Grr - on a rant here. Okay well I have attached a few photos of little's 2 Years. Love to all!

He's growing too fast for me and I am ready for another baby in the house, MAYBE??

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Potty Training

Potty training, Brayden has moved up to the 2's room at daycare and that's when the kiddos start training for the potty. They have a potty room in their class and I've been meaning to ask his lovely teacher when they may start with Brayden at school.

I have been asking him at home, I showed him his new potty and before bath time I ask if he needs to go potty and he tells me no. Once he gets in the tub he pees. Or even when he gets outta the tub before I manage to get the diaper on he's running all over the house peeing.

He tells me, "Mommy poop" and he pats his bum. So I know he knows when he has to or when he actually does it. Last night he was telling me he pooped but I check his bum and nada!

So I am not too sure how all this is going to work out. I don't want to push him or be too hard on him, I want him to have an enjoyable potty training experience. No anxieties over going potty.

I've trained many of dogs in my day but this is going to be a weird experience trying to train him. :-)

Not much going on here lately. Hopefully many adventures soon! We've already got our Halloween costume, yay!! Looking forward to Christmas already too! I just can't wait for Fall weather.

Oh, we also had Brayden's 2 year portraits done last weekend so hopefully I'll have those back soon so I can post pictures!! I had them done with http://www.shawnamoorephotography.com/. She does AMAZING photos!!! I am pretty sure she captured some great moments!! I'll post those once I get them!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brayden turns 2 & Nashville

As you all know Brayden turned 2 on July 31st. I have pictures of his birthday party, I'll post this weekend. Rick and I also got back from our trip to Nashville, TN. It's rough leaving on a Friday on the go all day Saturday and then leaving 1st thing Sunday morning. It's an 8 hour drive from Nashville to High Point, NC. We left Brayden with my parents for the weekend and I'm sure they had a blast but wore them out too! I can only imagine how Rick felt because he drove the whole time played 3 hockey games (Goalie) as I ran him in between games. Downtown Nashville it a party scene like no  other. It's nothing like VEGAS! It's crazier I think. It's crowded, bars are packed full, the music artist trying to make names for themselves putting a bucket in your face for money.I will say it's not a place to live. I believe most people that live there would have to be drunk 24/7. No joke!

From our hotel Antique Archeology  (American Pickers - History Channel) it not far from our hotel so I was hoping to see Mike, Frank or Danielle! I love Mike but Danielle is my kinda gal. We didn't see any celebrities but I got to see items they picked that were displayed in their store and recognized many items. I picked up a shirt for myself and a shirt for my dad. He loves  pickers!!

I love all our friends we have acquired from going to this tournament. They are great!! On our way home from Nashville we stopped in Knoxville to visit family friends of our I've known since I may have been in diapers as far as I can remember. Okay so onto Brayden turning 2. So when they turn 2 they are moved up to the 2's room at his school. It goes Infant 1, Infant 2 and Toddlers and Two's. That's all I know so far. Brayden is missing his friends from his Tod's class but they will be moving up soon so no worries. He talks about them all the time. Jack, Parker's and Jackson. His buddies! Plus he has a girl that he really admires and speaks of often, even if he sees a little girl around her age he thinks it's her. He asks for her all the time. Addyson. The teacher mentioned they were eating cereal for breakfast one morning and B would take a bite when she would and as soon as she finished at the table he got up and followed her. He stands outside on his play area and yells over the fence to his Tod class and yells for Jack and they run along the fence with one another. I find all this so adorable. They are just babies and making new discoveries in this would. It's amazing. A teacher of his nabbed some good shots and sent them to me. I love them!! Here are a few others - randoms.

My next post - Potty training?!?!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Worry - Stress - Anxiety - Patience (I'm telling on myself)

I over the past several years have become the worlds WORST worry wart. I mean I've always had my qualms but NEVER were they ever to the extreme that they are today. I have always had no patience but in the idea of when I wanted fun things or clothes and etc. I didn't want to wait. I have sat and gave this a little thought and have figured out that most of these feeling and etc. started after my brother passed away in April of 2007. Prior to that life was great! I mean it was getting great! At that time in my life I had my family, friends and everything I could want or ask for. I was happy go lucky! What's crazy to me it how much loosing a close family member impacts you in ways that you can't even recognize. I have lost friends, other family members but loosing my brother was it for me. It's been 5 years and I don't know how to get the old me back. I don't know how to work through those worries and anxiety's. Here are a few examples:

Storms: I LOVE the idea of thunderstorms and I love the idea of being home on rainy days, in jemmies and watching movies and vegging out! But when I am trying to sleep at night my greatest fear is TORNADO!!! I Never would even think of them before! Needless to say I have a weather alert on my iPhone and plenty apps weather related.

Sickness: I am so bad with this one. No matter what the issue with me, I'm dying. WHY???? I must give myself a little credit. Ever since Brayden was born he has had the flu twice and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (Horribly), twice and also, wheezing and issues there where he was on breathing treatments. I seem to remain calm and take care of my baby like I'm a pro at it. Yes, I am upset he's sick but, don't let me get sick or have any aches or pains.

Brayden School: All this chaos in the world today has me freaking about not wanting to send B to school. I would LOVE to possibly home school but I fear that will he be well rounded without the interaction of other students. He's made great friends at daycare and that's awesome to me. He's only 2 I know but I've met the parents and they are just great, friendly and super sweet. It didn't take me long to figure out who his buddy's are there and i just love it! I don't want to release my child to the public - school shootings. I mean we can't even go to a movie theatre anymore without getting shot up! WTH do I do. I want to make the right choice. I have time to mull this one over and make a good decision I hope. We are looking to move into a different school district one that is better than where we live right now and into one that I have read up on that he will actually get an education from (if we are not home schooling)

Shopping: I generally have NO fear when I am out shopping. I pay attention to all my surroundings and just keep on. I don't usually ever go in the evenings alone. I find myself thinking how I am more a target because I am occupied with a toddler. Not so on guard anymore. Distracted per say.

I need to get myself under control and CALM down before it really kills me!! Stress is a horrible killer. Without taking pills, any ideas??

I read this story the other day and it brought me to tears, it made me think even more than I already do. How do I turn of my thinking cap when need be and think when I actually should be thinking?!?!?!