Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterst Recipes

Last week and this weekend I made a few recipes from my pins on Pinterest. First I made Pumpkin Cake....better than cake. It was a smash hit! (Sorry, no photo) Then I made, Pumpkin Fudge, another hit!

This fudge was super simple! I left out the Nutella, but it's swirled with marshmallow fluff and like I said it was a huge hit. It's simply made with Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses!

Lastly I made Lasagna Soup which I absolutely fell in love with! It's the perfect fall/winter soup. It was easy as well and I did make some substitutes but nothing major. You can find all of these under my Pinterest Boards. Click any of these...(cake), (fudge), (lasagna soup).
I promise you, you won't go wrong with any of these! I should have taken pictures but I'll be making them again soon so I'll be sure to add pictures then and do another food update!

That's the 1st time I tried to add links so I hope they work for you :-)

Friday, September 14, 2012


Pallet!!! YAY!!! I few weeks back I found this Pallet on Pinterest and I fell in love. Ever since I had been on the hunt for the perfect pallet for my wall. Last Sunday I searched at Ricks work, all over the place and I just wasn't happy with the ones I had seen and believe I looked at tons!

Oddly enough, one day this week I picked up my mom to head to work and my dad opened the garage door. Tada!!! My dad had built me what I wanted or was looking for! My mom seen my post and showed him and he made it! It looks great!! I can't wait to hang it up this weekend, I just need to find the right place, I just haven't decided on that yet.

Then I'll need to find the right decorations to put in it but I already have all that in mind for sure.

If anyone would like one made for them, just let me know. He's making more to sell.

I <3 it!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Fun

The weather around these parts has been amazing. Not too terribly hot during the day and then the evenings are perfect and at night it cools down so much. We haven't had our AC on in days. I hope it stays this way for a bit! Last night Rick cooked our steaks on the grill and Brayden and I played with his trucks outside. I gathered some rocks we had (decorative ones) in his sand pail and spread them out over our little table on the back deck. He thought that was great. I made roads within the rocks for him to drive his trucks through and he had his little dump trucks and digger helping move the rocks. It was too cute!! We did that until dinner was ready...then we ate. Brayden had chicken which he scarfed down along with some bread and corn. Then we went upstairs for our bath where while in the bath he proceeded to tell me "ni-night bed" he doesn't normally ever say that. Sure enough after we got our bath and our jammies on he was laying in his bed ready for his bedtime story. I mean I guess it was already 7:45pm. I usually have to tell him when bedtime is. He'd play until he could play no more.

I sat down this morning and made my list of everything up and coming I would like to do this fall. I am hoping to gather all my Halloween decorations this weekend and start that. The Dixie Classic Fair is at the end of the month. Then there is a Fall Festival in Asheboro I would like to take my mom to, that's the 1st weekend in October. Then our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch too at Kersey Vally. I got B's costume as well, so I am looking forward to Trick or Treating this year too! We are going to walk my parents neighborhood while they hand out candy. You'll never guess what we are this year.....ELMO!  

Our dear friends Debbie and Duane will be in from Tennessee on Oct 20th for a visit, they'll get to see Brayden, it's been since Sept or Oct 2010 I believe since they last seen him :-),

I am SO ready for all my fall baking. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin!!! I enjoy the Holidays!! Nothing better than Family and Friends!!

Monday, September 10, 2012


So, I ranted about relaxation the other day. Last Thursday I came to work, with little sleep. I could not sleep from about 12am until 3am. I was up watching Big Brother After Dark. I even got in a hot bath in hopes it would help make me sleepy, and it didn't. I had a feeling Thursday was not going to be a good day from the start. I am really trying to have more positive thinking and a more positive outlook on life because down deep it is GREAT! The issues I am struggling with right now ARE fixable it is going to take a little time, something I am trying to deal with as well. Patience.

Anyways, my poor little man ended up falling at school Thursday the 6th and busted the area above his lip and below his nose. Enough to the point that he needed to get 4 stitches. It pained me to watch him have to go through what he did but id was completely necessary. I am thankful it wasn't worse than what it could have been and I am thankful that he didn't have to get put to sleep for his stitches.

It's looking rather well as of Today, Monday 9/10/12. It has a big scab on it but not really attached to his skin, basically hanging on to a piece of his stitch I believe, I am praying it falls off rather soon so I can get in to the cut and put peroxide and neosporin on it like I am supposed to. Over the weekend he stated "boo boo off"'. Awe, my baby. He was a big boy and a good boy for what he had to go through.

Here's to hoping for a more positive and better week ahead!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Relaxing - My magic word for today

We just got back from our 11 day vacation, which in a way doesn't feel like a vacation at all. Driving 4 days of the 11, then where my husband grew up there's no close towns and for this city chic I mean, to get anywhere you have to drive at least 25 minutes. That's all it seemed like we did all week long, drive. The word vacation to me feels like it should be relaxing and there was nothing relaxing about our 11 days.
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed visiting his family, and my family and friends in PA (on our way back home) but again comes back to not relaxing. I guess there is no relaxing with a 2 year old either. I hope that next year we can incorporate an actual vacation, beach bound or to somewhere that is actually relaxing. I did enjoy doing lots of shopping, mostly for Brayden. I pretty much stocked him up on his fall/winter wardrobe along with fall/winter pajamas.  He is definitely set as far as clothes go.
I only have a few more items I need to get him from Santa and he's practically done there as well. I did get a few items in Canada, figured I'd grab them while I had the chance.
Since our bathroom remodel I have been in the mood to have my house actually decorated and NOT so bland and plain. My dad has done a bunch to help out with this - wanting me to decorate by actually helping us out and painting the inside of our house for us. So I managed to get new items for our Master bath to go with the new tile and paint, next is our bedroom which I already got us a new comforter for in there and sheets (the dogs have no access to our room when we are not home so it doesn't get ruined by them laying on it), dads going to paint in there next. I basically need at this point wall hangings. I don't have very many picture frames or any wall art to go with any of our decor. Other than these horrible man pictures that Rick has that need to go really! LOL.  I let him use them to fill the walls temporarily. Sad thing is I am just now getting into doing all this and have NO intentions of staying here for very long.