Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Transition Lifestyle

Okay, I am not one to try all these different diet plans, I did last spring join Weight Watchers. I was having great success but then my parents moved down and it took me way off track. I totally gave up in trying anymore because mom was cooking fabulous dinners and etc. As you may all know moms cooking is the best.
I recently took a class called Transition Lifestyle. It's an amazing thing. One that I could totally see how it works. It says it all in its name. It just making changes in your lifestyle to how you are eating. I have joined this ladies group, it's 6 week program. Basically you eat low-glycemic meals cut bad sugars. I am held accountable because they do a weigh in and measurments and body comp too. This is something I need to do. Make changes in my eating habits. I'll meet with her once a week for 6 weeks and then after the 6 week she'll meet with me once a month to still be acountable for myseld and track my progress. The 1st week you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, drink tea because its a detox week. Then from there you eat according to the book they give you that shows you what foods are low glycemic. I also have been turned on to Agave - which is a sweetner. Much better for you than the sugars and sweeteners out there. I'll try to document my progress weekly after I have my weekly meetings. I hope this makes the positive changes I am looking for in my life.

Wish me luck!!

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