Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Loving: The Fall time weather, the leaves changing, the smell of my Pumpkin Spice glade plug-ins, my Family.

Reading: Confessions of a Scary Mommy by: Jill Smokler - Laugh Out Loud funny, great read, highly recommend!! Getting ready to start Fifty Shades of Grey. (Yes I broke down and bought it, figured I'd give it a whirl)

Watching: Jersey Shore, The Voice, Mike & Molly, How I met your Mother, Big Bang, Two Broke Girls, The Office, Two and a Half Men, CSI, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files Revisited (NO, not at the actual times they air, we record all and watch them when we can, busy life with work and a 2 year old)

Anticipating: Halloween, taking Brayden trick or treating for the 1st time ever. Hoping he'll enjoy dressing up and getting candy!! Our family friends are visiting this Saturday and then another the following Saturday, carving our pumpkins, making my pumpkin rolls.

Listening to: The only thing I listen to is Katie and Jared in the Morning on 1075KZL and then at work I play No Shoes Radio by Kenny Chesney.

Planning: Christmas gifts already. Almost done shopping for Brayden and a few others are finished. Only a few more to go!

Working On: Trying to finish my parents photo album of Brayden's 1st year.

Wishing: For a change in my life that MAY be happening. I'll be praying it pulls through. If it does it's an awesome change and will change my life for the good!! Please pray for me as well. Thank You!!!

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