Friday, November 9, 2012


Well, we made it through Halloween and boy did I have a blast! We walked around with Brayden's friend Jack and his lovely parents. We walked in their neighborhood, which is the same one my parents live in and it's actually perfect for Brayden. He completely impressed me, I'll admit for 2 years of age I didn't have high hopes. I thought for sure since I couldn't even get a costume on him that it would be like pulling teeth. He walked right up, either knocked on the door or rang the doorbell. That was as far as he did the rest was him just handing his pumpkin up or reaching in and helping himself. LOL. Not even a Thank You or a Happy Halloween.
 Jail Bird!!
 My jailbird!

Jack & Brayden Trick or Treating

He also had a Halloween Party at school the same day and wouldn't get his costume on there but he sure did want his candy! LOL
 Gimmie candy, don't you see my bag
 mug shot
Random shot, watching TV

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